Cameron C. Nelson


Yale College - B.A. Architecture & Mathematics 2019

Cornell University - M.S. Matter Design Computation 2021 (prospective)


Selected Awards and Publications

"RhinoCircular: Development and Testing of a Circularity Indicator Tool for Application in Early Design Phases and Architectural Education"

"Shape-Programmed Self-Assembly of Bead Structures"

Harvey Geiger Fellowship in Architecture - summer 2017

Richard U. Light Fellowship - summer 2015

Selected Experience

Teaching Assistant, Matter Design Computation studio - fall 2020 - spring 2021

Research Associate for Cornell Circular Construction Lab - 2020-2021

Design Associate for Turner Brooks Architect - spring/summer 2019

Research Associate for Jenny Sabin Lab / Jenny Sabin Studio LLC - summer 2018

Smartgeometry Conference - summer 2018, Toronto, Ontario