Causeway is a web-based 3d world accomodating simultaneous players, featuring digital artworks by myself and conjuring a meditative and dreamlike experience. The space was designed to be intricate and mazelike, and the monochrome palette is subtly modulated by a sublte, grainy noise overlay. During a virtual open house hosted by Mona, visitors to the space described feelings of loneliness, mystery, and contemplation of the infinite.

"A strange garden of forms sits atop an endless embankment, flanked by shallow seas in a grayscale dreamscape; some kind of stopover on an artificial land bridge, its builders long-gone and its purpose unknown. Brutalist galleries, stark vistas, and strange artifacts await the explorer."
The space can be explored freely through a web browser on any laptop or desktop:

Part of the design process included imagining a font that captured both the soft dreaminess of the space and the stark brutalism of its forms.