Raymarched Sculptures

These sculptures were created in Unity for a design challenge issued by the independent metaverse platform Mona in summer of 2022. To accomodate strict limits on polygon count, these sculptures take a different approach from mesh sculpting: Although they appear to be complex, morphing, organic mesh shapes, they are in fact just an image projected on the faces of a cube consisting of only 12 triangles. Their complexity entirely arises from shader code. The shape is generated mathematically using signed distance fields and raymarching, a realtime rendering technique that allows visualizing otherwise expensive or impossible shapes such as fractals, blended shapes, constructive solid geometry, and 3d field data. Sculpture "Billow" was awarded first place in this competition, and several of these were also featured selections for a virtual gallery space designed by Filecoin for ETHLisbon.

Billow - first place