VJing and Realtime Visuals

for live performance

I have been creating realtime visuals for music since at least 2019, on stages ranging from Burning Man sound camps to abandoned warehouse raves. I use various tools including Processing, Blender, Touchdesigner, and glsl / hlsl. I often incorporate live coding into my performances. My toolkits are constantly expanding but since 2022, raymarching has been an area of particular exploration.

My audiovisual work has also been commissioned as pre-recorded content, from VJ loop collections, to generative music animations; from song screensavers for web streaming platforms, to EP-length immersive video experiences for live performance. I am always open to inquiries; see here for contact information. Given how much of my experience has been in the sphere of underground events, free parties, and raves, and my respect for their often anticapitalist ethos, I charge on a sliding scale for such projects and offer pro bono services to not-for-profit events depending on availability.